Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Over 50 easy Valentine's printable crafts!

These are fun Valentine's activities that both kids and adults will enjoy and take minutes to prepare, enjoy!
  1. Heart garland

  2. Coloring pages

  3. Disney character's Valentine's cards (here's a few more)

  4. Mickey and Friend's printable valentine cupcake toppers, cupcake doilies, picture frame, candy boxes (several kinds on the website, but these appear to be the easiest), and Valentine's flowers

  5. Princess Stickers

  6. Bookmarks 1 & 2.(you an put a hole punch on the top and thread a small piece of ribbon on top for fun)

  7. Valentine's Day word Search and also more word searches, crosswords, and etc.

  8. Collection of clever Valentine's gifts, with printable labels and cards

  9. 20 Family Fun printables from boxes to pencil toppers

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Barb said...

How fun!!!