Friday, February 25, 2011

Disney Pixar Cars Themed Party

My little boy is turning 3 and we're celebrating with a Disney Cars themed party! I thought I'd share with you what we are doing:


1. Red/Light Green Light (with a circle Green and Red hexagon on a stick - kids love to hold them, even if they don't get the game) - obviously related to Disney Cars!

2. Pin the sticker on the donkey (got this at Dollar General - a lot safer than pins) - this is probably the least Disney Cars related, but it's still fun. I suppose you could pin the tow on tow mater, if you wanted to go to the trouble of making your own game.

3. BINGO - we got a Disney CARS one from a party store for 30 cents or so. You spin the spinner and call out a color and a Disney CARS character

4. We're laying out pictures of Disney Cars characters in a circle and letting the kids run around in the circle while music is playing and stop when it's not. Then we'll call out a Disney Cars character name and that child standing on that character will get a prize.

5. Pinata - We all know that game. I got a sun pinata for cheap and just pasted a Disney Character onto it using my cricut.

6. Bug Cars - We're making bug cars using egg cartons and pipe cleaners. I'm cutting one egg carton out and the kids are going to put the pipe cleaners in the front for antennas. Then they can decorate the cars with stickers and crayons.

I'll attach pictures later and let you know how it went!


balloongal said...

That sounds like so much fun.
-Kristin Telford

Katrina said...

Thanks Kristin! Wish you were around to come.... We had a really good time.