Wednesday, June 23, 2010

May 6 - Pella Tulip Time

This was a very fun, but COLD weekend. There was hardly any tulips at the festival. There was a parade with the first 15 minutes being very cold street sweepers. A ton of great Dutch pastries were around and lots of vendors selling anything from Tupperware to dutch costumes for dolls. The people of Pella walked the festival in full costume and the varying styles were really interesting. There was about a 10 page spread about the "Tulip Time Queen and her court". Every year they pick a different costume from a specific era and region. I had no idea how many Dutch costumes there were to choose from!

Anthony and Friend

April - Easter 2010

There was a large Easter egg hunt that our townhouse community hosted, but we left town to go see the cranes that fly in HUGE herds in Kearney, NE every year. We also saw the "Great Platte River Road Archway Museum", which was pretty impressive and supposedly on some top 100 things to see before you die list (I'm not surprised). The museum was full of larger than life depictions of the history of America from the pioneers until modern day. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of anything! This cute picture of Anthony hiding under a table in the hotel is the only one we got!

We came home later and had this modest Easter Egg hunt on our front lawn.

We also visited the Brass Pro shop in Council Bluffs, where Anthony got some more eggs, got a picture with the Easter Bunny, and oohed and awed over all the taxidermy and large fish tank. Again, no pictures, except the one with the bunny which we haven't scanned in yet.

Anthony at his Two Year Old Train Birthday Party

This was a fun party. It was a "Thomas the Tank" party. But, we did all the plates and such in just blues and red. Instead of party hats, we had little necklaces for all the kids with different Thomas characters on the front and a description of that character on the back. A big hit! We also made black spray painted tunnels out of washer and dryer boxes from the local furniture store that they ran through (I have no pictures of them). The cardboard house was something our neighbor, Donna, gave to us. It was also a big hit! We put on a puppet show, it was "The three little pigs", but they lived in choo choo trains. It was fun! The cake is a choo choo rice crispy treat with candy. I thought for 2 year olds it might be a bit cleaner.

Most people got the cards that I have taken pictures of. I was originally going to have two parties, so that we had smaller numbers because everyone always says to just have two guests for two year olds and what not. Well, I ended up giving the girls tickets, instead of the whole card.