Sunday, April 05, 2009

Anthony dancing to a conference song!

I thought this was so cute that I passed Chris the camera real quick (he's faster with it). Anthony gets distracted when he sees the camera, so we only got the back side of him. We still think this is some really cute dancing. I think he may be better at swaying to the beat than Chris is!

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the Free Easter Egg Hunt – April 4, 2009 that I blogged about on examiner. We got hailed on with pea sized pieces of ice raining down on us! We stood in front of the area where the eggs were and the mayor of Papillion counted to three before we all got out their and started "finding" the eggs. Luckily they divided areas based on groups, so we were with the 0-3 year olds. I had a few kids put their eggs in Anthony's basket. Anthony wouldn't pick up any of the eggs himself. I would pick it up and then put it in his hand and he'd throw them. I tried to catch them with the basket, but sometimes I'd just pick them back up and put them it. I figured it counted. :) There was a balloon twisting, cookies and cocoa, and some coloring pages. After it started hailing, we just left. So, we didn't do all that.

The cheapest toys are the best!

I thought this was so cute! I was talking on the phone, but I tried to be as quiet as possible while I got Chris to get the camera and get this on video. He got the plastic bags himself from under the kitchen sink.

Happy, happy birthday to me!

We had a simple party for Anthony with a paper cake and a real one that we bought from the store. We thought it looked really good, but it tasted horrible! We're definitely not taking any chances next year.

Hmmm...spoons taste good

Anthony has a whole lot of teeth now! But, there are still some coming and the plastic spoons feel good against his soar gums.

Playing with Daddy and my HIPPO!

This was taken about a month ago, before Anthony was walking by himself. Anthony still likes to be pushed on his hippo, but he likes to push his hippo even more now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Early Morning Surprise

The story is mostly told in the video. He had a cold and was teething. I think that's why he woke up.

Play it again Sam!

Ha ha, he's so cute with the piano. He loves to play. Basically, he loves to do whatever he sees us do. Since I've been playing a lot of piano lately... he wants to do that. He loves the computer, books, and the T.V. He'll spend 20 minutes just flipping through pages of his books. Its really cute.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anthony's favorite toys!

My sister asked for pictures, so here you go! We had to take a picture of Anthony in the dishwasher. He loves to play with the lower shelf and I guess he thought he could reach it better by crawling into the dishwasher.

Anthony Video made today!

This is Anthony crawling and walking along furniture. He's soooo cute!