Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anthony is crawling!

Anthony took his first few crawling steps on the 26th and now he's getting around pretty well. Funny thing is that he still has no desire to sit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trip to Utah for Jen's wedding!

Jen got married in the Provo temple and I was so excited for her! It was fun to be a part of everything and see Jen and her siblings. Her husband was a little distracted to try and get to know in such a short time period, but he was very good to her.

Chris' mom came up from Vegas and we shared a hotel room with her. She baby sat Anthony all day Saturday, so she could get grand-baby time and we could get temple time! We bathed him in the hotel sink. :) The worst part of the whole trip was the drive back. Chris and I were both sick for our 14 our drive. Usually I have to force Chris to give up the wheel and ends up driving most of the way, but we were both sick of driving by the end of this trip. I think I ended up driving more than he did this time!