Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Check out this article. I show up to work on Thursday and rumors are running ramped. People were taken aside, handed a box for personal belongings, and asked to leave immediately. They packed their things while being watched by a supervisor. Then they were escorted to the public area of the building. The best employees working their longest were laid-off, not the worst. It was awful.


Johyne said...

Wow, that's a terrible way to handle it. Did they get you, too?

getsworse said...

woe kat, thats scarey but it gets worse. at least they let you pack your box. the secret federal services are notorious for giving folks boot without any previous warning. just five minutes to get out of building and as you exit whatever you managed to stuff in your little box, they confiscate from you and tell you that they will return it to you. you then file foia requests via your congressman and it takes you years and years to get answers coz they classify everything to protect themselves and by the time you finally find out that it was a protected minority or gay class that did some infraction but they let you take the rap coz they figured you wouldnt have the aclu or one of hundred other groups behind you in court, its way too late to change anything and no one comes back and tries to set your life right or even say they're sorry. incidentally you never will get your little box back. its way scarey, part of bush administration we think but they definitely would rather target you than a member of minority or gay class. heaven help us!

kat_singer said...

That's horrible getsworse!!! I didn't get laid off. So, I'm super lucky. If I worked at the secret federal services, I'd probably try and not leave any personal items!